The Cloud Workgroup will focus on how the business of IT manages and optimizes public cloud consumption. It will tackle concerns such as how the TBM taxonomy should evolve to address cloud-first initiatives, creating visibility and control, driving accountability and other Infrastructure and Operational concerns.​

This Workgroup is comprised of a blend of member practitioners from IT and Finance leadership, as well as cloud deployment, management and governance professionals. This blended group is ideal for crafting content specific to the analysis, adoption, management and optimization of Cloud in all its forms (hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc..). In crafting this content, knowledge and guidance is made available to members that accelerate and normalize the way industries assess, instrument and manage cloud adoption and usage, and drive improved investment outcomes in service and product portfolios. This also lays the foundation for transforming supply chains, improving service and product cost and performance, and enabling hybrid operations.  
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