The 2021 State of TBM

The TBM Council asked 103 executives and practitioners their thoughts on how Technology Business Management (TBM) is evolving, how TBM maturity correlates with business outcomes and more. Here’s what they had to say

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Launched in July 2021, the inaugural State of TBM Survey improves our understanding of how TBM is being used to drive business outcomes. The primary questions we address are:

  • How is TBM evolving as companies increasingly move away from on-premises technologies to public cloud services, and from project-based software development to more agile, product-focused approaches?
  • How does TBM maturity correlate with business outcomes, such as reduced costs per customer and increased  funding for change-the-business priorities?
  • What are the common practices associated with TBM maturity and how well are they adopted?

This infographic presents the findings from this survey. You can find the full results in this research report.