The TBM Council Vertical Industry Workgroups foster collaboration between senior technology leaders to tackle a growing need: how do we apply TBM to the challenges of a specifically vertical industry. The 2019 Workgroup Verticals are Healthcare (providers and payers), Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and State Government. They provide opportunities for you to connect with your industry peers to share insights and gain knowledge. ​ The purpose of the workgroups is to develop thought leadership, an industry-specific TBM taxonomy, and other best practices to accelerate TBM adoption and value in today's enterprises. In 2019, each Workgroup will focus on defining a vertical-specific extension to the standard TBM Taxonomy along with associated use cases and outcomes.


Join your peers in the State Government space with representatives from the States of Washington, Arkansas, Missouri, Maine, Tennessee, and the City of Indianapolis. The 2019 state government workgroup will be focusing on creating a state government-specific Business Service Taxonomy Extension to the TBM Taxonomy (created by the TBM Council). They will accomplish this by:


Defining Five Use Cases to answer, "What are the big things that we, in state government, would need to accomplish with TBm via the taxonomy, model, data, and tools?",

Developing a set of key metrics and KPIs that align the the use cases and are important in state government, and

Demonstrating key State Government Business Capabilities.


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