As a member of the TBM Council, you’ll be part of a community that is helping spread awareness – inside and outside of your organization – about the value technology business management (TBM) brings to organizations.

After submitting your application to join, you will be automatically assigned a membership level based on your practitioner status. Read about each membership level below. If you have any questions, need to change the email address associated with your membership account, or would like to change your membership level, please email us at

Executive Members

Executive members are TBM professionals who want to learn more about technology business management (TBM) and advance the discipline.  

Qualifying members are executive leaders, including CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, CDOs, CFOs of IT, CISOs, CPOs, VPs, Agile and PMO leaders. Executive Members represent leadership roles in IT, finance, agile, cloud, business relationship management, and product management.

Practitioner Members

Practitioner members are TBM professionals who want to learn more about TBM in order to develop a TBM office or enhance their company’s TBM discipline, including professionals who manage the day to day operations and systems for their organization’s TBM office.  

Qualifying Practitioners Members include: Director/Manager of IT, TBMAs, TBM Office professionals, OCIO, Corporate Finance, Enterprise Architects, Cloud Architects, Cloud Engineers, Financial Technology Advisors, Agile COE, Agile Coaches, SAFe Trainers, Portfolio Managers, and Agile Transformation professionals. Practitioner Members represent roles in IT, finance, agile, cloud, business relationship management, and product management.  

Associate Members

TBM Council Associate membership is reserved for any technology or finance consultant or educator seeking to advance their knowledge of Technology Business Management. Associate members enjoy limited TBM Connect access, early access to research and content, and access to the TBM Book, among other things. 

Observing Members

Observing members are members who are currently in job transition or are students looking to learn more about Technology Business Management. Observing members may attend any of our events and join most communities, but may not be able to join certain restricted programs. If you register for TBM Council membership with a personal email address, you will automatically be accepted as an observing member. Observing membership accounts will automatically deactivate after 6 months.  

Join the TBM Community

Membership conveys many benefits. The greatest is access to the exclusive community of IT and Finance leaders and CIOs who share their experience and knowledge on the growing TBM discipline. Members also receive early access to research and content generated by the Council, are qualified to attend the annual TBM Conference and regional TBM Summits, and more.

Sales, marketing, or business development executives are not eligible for TBM Council Membership.

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