What is TBM?

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a discipline that improves business outcomes by giving organizations a consistent way to connect business value to technology investments.

Adopted by leading enterprises around the world, TBM is backed by a standardized taxonomy for mapping technology assets and resources to business outcomes. TBM Offices in an organization bring IT, finance, and business leaders together to get an accurate view of their technology footprint TBM delivers a single source of truth that all teams can understand—leading to better collaboration, increased trust, and defensible decisions. ​Organizations that adopt TBM can make decisions faster, react quickly to changing market dynamics and optimally leverage cloud and agile practices to deliver on business objectives. 

The goals of TBM are to:

  • Accelerate your digital transformation with a product-centric mindset that leverages cloud and agile practices, by:
    • Removing dependencies of legacy operating models
    • Supporting transition from projects to products
    • Accelerating your cloud journey
  • Make data-driven decisions in real-time to capitalize on market opportunities, by:
    • Breaking down information and “language” barriers
    • Having a shared source-of-truth for decision making
    • Building trust across business, finance, and IT
  • Align business, financial, and technology leaders for faster execution and to drive value with every dollar invested in technology, by:
    • Re-evaluating investment priorities based on business outcomes
    • Running more efficiently and maximizing your technology budget
    • Running more effectively and gaining maximum returns