TBM-Agile Primer

Get Introduced to How Agile Values, Principles, & Best Practices Are Tightly Embedded Within the TBM Framework 

The Technology Business Management (TBM)Agile Primer is a complimentary introduction course to applying TBM principles to Agile practices. The TBM-Agile primer is designed for product leaders, PMOs, senior technology leaders, and finance leaders who want to understand how organizations can achieve greater return on their investments with Agile values, principles, and best practices, while increasing velocity required to respond to the current pace of change in today’s economic environment.   


Course Benefits: 

TBM spans multiple disciplines including Technology Financial Management, Cloud, and Agile.  Product leaders, PMOs, senior technology leaders, and finance leaders, should consider this course to better understand how TBM incorporates Agile-related values, principles, disciplines, and best practices to form a comprehensive framework for driving financial results. Aligned topics in this course include:   

  • Address how Agile and product-centric practices require a new set of financial disciplines that enable organizations to maximize value in adopting Agile best practices.  
  • Understand how Agile has extended beyond a revolutionary software development framework and is now recognized as the global standard for anticipating, adapting, responding, and thriving to change.   
  • Understand the meaning of Agile within multiple contexts, including the relationship with closely related concepts, product-centricity, digitalization, and strategic alignment.  
  • Explore how Agile practices within the TBM discipline are leveraged and aligned to Lean, DevOps, objectives, key results, and others.    
  • Reinforce that Agile is not just a delivery framework, but a set of values and principles that shape culture and drive behavior that best enables organizations to respond and capitalize quickly to changing business conditions. 


Learning Objectives

During this interactive, classroom-style training, you will learn:   

  • How Agile values and principles form the foundation for a culture that enables people and organizations to respond and thrive in a world where the pace of change continues to accelerate.   
  • How Agile delivery frameworks provide:   
    • Accelerated time to market  
    • Delivery predictability  
    • Reduce risk 
  • How organizations can achieve higher level of Agility and how organizational agility is measured.   
  • The role of finance related to Agile.   
  • The essential tools of TBM, including the framework, taxonomy, model, and metrics and how they incorporate into Agile-related values and principles.   
  • The fundamentals of the TBM discipline including, creating transparency, delivering value with investments, shaping demand and planning, and governing for value.  
  • The four value conversations of TBM and their associated management metrics.  


Continuing Education Credits (CPE / CLP / CEU / CEC) 

The TBM Council provides evidence of course completion to all students who take the course. The evidence may be used to help satisfy continuing education requirements (2 hours of credit) for certifications you hold, including the Certified TBM Executive® (CTBME), Certified Public Account® (CPA®), PMI Project Management Professional (PMP)® and more.  

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