2018 TBM Council Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 Award Winners!

Innovator of the Year

Traditional accounting, generally accepted accounting principles, aren’t flexible at explaining Agile in regulated reporting. TBM enables view of the full cost of products and the ability to invest appropriately to increase the usefulness of products to the business, as well as decrease routine maintenance costs. Sysco uses TBM to help with cost savings and then to reinvest in innovation and increased capabilities for the business and its end customers.

At Mastercard the strategy is simple: put the customer first. TBM is enabling IT to reorganize its operations around global programs and Agile so it can respond faster to changing market needs.

Business Alignment

Viewed as too expensive, Maritz IT embraced TBM and Apptio to fuel a cultural transformation that increased business partners confidence in IT, fueled their cost reduction, and enabled IT to channel savings to new initiatives.

Unilever’s IT function is using cost transparency to save millions while shifting the investment to where it has most impact. This ensures that this investment is fully aligned with business priorities, both at the global and at the local level, where it has the most value.

Customers are at the center of Great-West Life’s business, from the call centre all the way to the data centre. Embracing TBM has helped fuel this vision by fundamentally transforming the relationship between IT and the business. It all started with a new chargeback model, but today, it’s about a complete reinvention of IT that’s fostering innovation, creating efficiencies, and putting the needs of the customer first.

As a global specialist in a wide range of sectors, Macquarie Group is continuously seeking to realise opportunity for the benefit of clients, shareholders and their people. Through an entrepreneurial spirit and encouragement of innovation, their goal is to provide the business groups the resources they need to invest in the technologies that will deliver real business benefit and opportunity to maintain Macquarie’s reputation as a market leader.

IT Optimization

From optimizing infrastructure to cutting unneeded applications and renegotiating vendor contracts, UPMC is relying on cost transparency to keep IT costs under control even as the organization expands, adding seven new hospitals and hundreds of thousands of new customers to its insurance business.

Prior to TBM and Apptio, Fidelity International was committed to managing cost recovery and influencing behavior via chargeback. But the lack of accurate and up-to-date data created a black hole in IT for costs and accountability.

Strategy & Planning

Red Hat is growing by leaps and bounds and TBM and Apptio are helping IT keep pace. Along with becoming more service-oriented and shifting resources on-the-fly from run to grow, IT is maturing its partnership with the business by connecting the project portfolio directly to business outcomes.

For Tokio Marine, proving that every dollar spent on technology provides value has been a challenge. No longer. With TBM and Apptio, the IT team can show the business the value it gets from technology and why it, not IT, is in the driver’s seat when it comes to cost.

Four years ago Blue Shield of California broke out of ‘Excel hell’ and began the journey to IT cost accountability that changed not only how it spends its technology dollars but how those decisions are made.  Blue Shield of California is transforming the healthcare system into one that is worthy of our family and friends and sustainably affordable.

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