2022 TBM Council Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 Award Winners!

Service Excellence - BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon’s Global Operations and Technology (GOT) organization leverages all the technology and application investments to support our business partners, while seeking to offer seamless delivery through best-in-class operational delivery. Leveraging TBM tools, BNY Mellon moved away from spreadsheets to a sustainable, centralized, credible, and scalable process. This investment in TBM and the related disciplines have been critical to achieving their 2022 strategic goals and priorities across Global Operations and Technology.


IT Financial Leadership - John Deere

John Deere began the adoption of an Agile Operating Model (AOM) and the shift from projects to products in 2019 with a Board of Directors approved investment. Technology Business Management (TBM) was selected as a standard, platform, and model to accelerate the Agile Operating Model. Their TBM solution has accelerated the shifts from: annual portfolio planning to continuous portfolio governance, annual spend roll-ups to monthly visibility, and investing in IT initiatives to investing in digital products. Furthermore, TBM has helped Deere save more than 10,000 annual man hours, rationalize several


Agile Evolution Award - Lowe’s Companies, Inc

Lowe’s has seen tremendous impact using TBM to drive their agile transformation. Over some years, Lowe’s transitioned from a rigid, hierarchal operating model to an agile operating model centered around nimble development teams and product aligned decisioning. By moving to an agile operating model, understanding product spend and funding product teams remained a challenge. Through a strong partnership between Technology and Finance, Lowe’s produced Product TCO reporting to focus on the delivery of the business value, understanding cost with transparency, and aligning to a strategic plan. This has allowed Lowe’s to modernize their annual investment planning process by changing from funding at a project level to funding product teams with specific targeted value. 


Business Optimization - National Grid Plc

TBM has enabled National Grid to achieve a myriad of savings through their TBM efforts. Leveraging external benchmarks, National Grid initiated approximately 130 cost optimization initiatives. As part of this ambitious 3-year savings program, National Grid has exceeded their first year’s savings target. 


Business Innovation - Stanley Black & Decker

In December 2021, Securitas AB agreed to purchase the Stanley Security business from SBD for $3.2 Billion. As part of the sale, the IT team was asked to develop a holistic estimate of total IT costs for Stanley Security before the end of the year, a very aggressive timeline. With accuracy and precision being paramount to preserve the integrity of the transaction, the IT team turned to their TBM team members. Leveraging the TBM tools, methods, and practices, Stanley Black & Decker’s TBM team delivered an initial estimate to the deal team in less than two days. This represents an 85% reduction in turnaround time versus the prior, largely manual estimating methodology, which would have taken two or more weeks. 


TBM Pacesetter - Transport for NSW

Transport started their TBM journey within two separate agencies: Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and Transport NSW between 2018 and 2020. Both journeys were started by different teams and with different timelines. After the merger between the two organizations was announced, a strategic decision was taken to consolidate the TBM data, reports, and models into a single platform. Starting with the TBM Taxonomy, Transport brought together talented team members, tools that drive automation, and new processes that increased efficiencies in their show-back and recharge process. Remarkably, Transport for NSW’s TBM team completed the implementation within 6 months. This was recognized as the largest TBM merger in the Asia-Pacific region. 


Cloud Transformation - UBS

With UBS’s initial cloud adoption resulting in a dramatic surge of demand for services, new tools, and operational perspectives were needed to expand cloud usage successfully and cost-effectively.  

Insights from cloud consumption dashboards in conjunction with the establishment of a FinOps team provided both a broader and more detailed picture of cloud usage and costs across the entire organization. Additionally, educational programs and a shift toward a greater sense of self-ownership allowed the UBS FinOps team to manage the rapid increase in data and cost allocations. 


Public Sector Excellence - United States Secret Service

The U.S. Secret Service Office of the CIO sought to improve IT functionality, reporting, and efficiency by enabling an IT Financial Management tool to create fiscal transparency, formulate and defend their budgetary position, automate reporting requirements, and reduce effort for data calls. The journey began with a pilot program which allowed USSS to understand the value that TBM could provide by bringing together multiple, disparate data sources to create an accessible and trusted financial baseline in which they could defend their budgetary position and more accurately target opportunities for optimization. After a successful pilot, USSS embarked on their TBM journey and has achieved significant results through the improvement of processes, a centralized repository of information, and a common taxonomy that TBM provides.  


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