TBM Awards FAQ


1. I’ve attended the TBM Conference in the past, how different will it be now that Apptio is taking over? 

Many of the key elements of the TBM Conference that our attendees know and love will remain the same. You’ll see and hear from industry-leading keynote speakers, attend incredible parties and hear the latest advancements in TBM. This year, attendees will also have access to maturity-specific breakout tracks designed to help progress their TBM journey.


 2. Is the TBM Council involved in this event? 

Yes, of course! The TBM Council will be represented throughout the event. Our speakers, education program, and executive sessions will all be TBM Council led.


 3. So will the awards still be impartial with Apptio running the event and my Account Manager making the submission? 

Absolutely. The shift to your Account Manager making the submission is to make the process less laborious for you. There will still be an awards committee that will assess every submission on its own merits and the best-in-class story will be selected for each category.


 4. I’m not an Apptio customer, will this be relevant to me? 

If you’re not yet an Apptio customer, the awards are a great source of inspiration and learning of what is possible with TBM.


Questions? Contact us at: tbmconference@apptio.com